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We understand that buying a property is an important decision and choosing the right Realtor is even more important. Cameron Herndon is our buyer's agent specialist who has been working in the real estate field full-time since January of 1996. Cameron has been involved with over 1,500 closed real estate transactions so the experience and knowledge are there to negotiate the right purchase price for the client.

When shopping for an agent, please ask them how many real estate transactions they have been a part of in their career. This is extremely important in strategically finding the right agent who will properly negotiate the right purchase price for the client. Many times a buyer will hire an agent with very little real estate sales experience only because they will receive a one point credit on their purchase. One point on a million dollar property is only $10,000 and an experienced agent (ie: Cameron Herndon) will be able to negotiate probably $30,000 or more less than an unexperienced agent, so the client will actually lose $20,000 or more in the long run by going with the unexperienced agent. It's not about the commission percentage, it's about "the big picture" once the transaction is complete and how much savings the Buyer "actually received". To get the largest amount of savings is simply a matter of experience and knowledge.

If Cameron is chosen, he has the ability to get inside the seller's head and reverse-engineer the negotiating psychology seller's use in order to figure out their bottom line. This comes from his 15 years experience and knowledge from listing properties and working with sellers which transfers into greater finanical reward for his buyers. A buyer's agent who has had little to no experience listing properties and working with sellers, would not have this type of psychological advantage.

Cameron is also a very nice and polite individual who has worn a suit (minus sport coat) every day to work since inception in 1996, so his clients are very comfortable working with him. Cameron holds great pride in being extremely honest and ethical, always thinking about the buyer's best interest such as resale value on their purchase and of course their purchase price. Cameron believes in "The Golden Rule" which means treating others as he would want them to treat him.

Please contact Cameron to purchase a property today or tell all your friends and family to contact Cameron to purchase a property today at 858.449.4986 and/or email at .

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